Management of Avenue Lettings properties

Avenue Tender Win

Oak Housing have been successful in the tender to take on the management of Avenue Lettings stock in South London and Kent.

Lanek Banga (Oak Housing Director) said that this is an exciting opportunity for us to establish ourselves in new markets and we are keen to grow the business over the coming year.

Oak Housing Limited Transfer of Avenue Lease’s

During the course of the landlord contact exercise we have received a number of repeat enquiries that we felt it would be useful to share. This may help you in your decisions to transfer the lease of your property over to us.

Yes – all live leases transferred over to Oak under the terms of transfer will be made on exactly the same terms and conditions (including rental levels) as the Avenue lease.

No – we will only be able to review the lease rent if a) the lease has expired / will expire before the transfer date or b) after transfer if the current tenant were to move out.

Yes. We will be keen to secure another 3 / 5 year lease term on the property at the end of the current lease.

Yes – if this is a transferring lease and the current lease had this clause stipulated within it.

Yes – if you have other properties you would be interested in lease on 3 / 5 year lease terms then please contact our office providing property addresses (and post codes) for a quote / details about our leasing offer.

No – as we are required to transfer the lease on exactly the same terms we will have to stick with these deadlines. However, if you are having difficulties complying with the deadlines please get back to us and we can see if some assistance can be provided. Is it possible that we could put that it has to be reported and in hand within 3 days. Just looking at some of the things on the list such as doors, they could take longer than 3 days to get measured, fitted and things. What do you think?
Only if the terms of the lease specify this. It is worth noting that tenants can apply for Discretionary Hardship Payments from the Local Authority for such items. If not then the tenant will have to purchase these items.
Simply send an email or authorisation form to Emily, Colleen, Samantha is the confirming the property address(es) and state that you would like to have the lease transferred to us. Once this is done Avenue will confirm the request and automatically transfer the lease over on the 3rd August 2015.
For further information contact Lanek Banga on 020 8988 4781 or


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