How is Universal Credit different from Housing Benefits?

Universal Credit

As you may be aware, more and more Local Authorities are gradually switching over to Universal Credit as a benefit payment system

There are some important differences between Universal Credit and Housing Benefit which you will need to be aware of should you fall into an region that has Universal Credits.

When you get Universal Credit, it is likely that these payments will be paid direct to yourself, and will include any Housing Allowance/ Benefit that you are entitled to.

Please note, that it will be your responsibility to ensure you budget effectively and make rent payments in full when they are due direct to Oak Housing Ltd. 

Failure to make full rent payments on time to Oak Housing will trigger an immediate automated warning on our system and will lead to prompt and direct action to address any rent underpayments. All new tenants now receive a New Rent Pack alongside a Rent Payment Card to assist them to pay rent quickly and easily. 

Continued arrears and failure to engage with Oak Housing to address the arrears could lead to escalation to our Legal Team, and action that leads to you losing your home. 

Please ensure you have made allowances for this change to your financial payments into account and are prepared to administer your new responsibilities i.e. pay the full rent on time to avoid action being taken against you.


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